AC3 ZoneController and Mirrorless Cameras

I have a couple of Nikon SB900 flashes and have used these with my D800 and Pocket Wizard Triggers for some time now. I read that the AC3 ZoneController can be utilised with these triggers to control Nikon Speedlights from a Fuji Mirror-less camera.. in my case the Fuji XE-2.

I tried this out last night and it worked perfectly. Setting the SB900's as normal and the AC3 ZoneController to manual mode allowed my to remotely control the power output from the SB900's individually from the hot shoe mount of the XE-2.

Additional information can be found on the Pocketwizard Blog

Little People

Inspired by the art of Slinkachu I decided to try my own Macro photographs of 1/87th scale Preiser figures juxtaposed with full-sized everyday objects. I used a Nikon D800 with Tamron 90mm Macro to take the shots. The figures used are un-modified Preiser and can be purchased from Amazon and Model Shops.

Gone Fishing - 1/87th Scale Preiser figure

Gone Fishing - 1/87th Scale Preiser figure

Screen Cleaner - Preiser 1/87th Scale model

Screen Cleaner - Preiser 1/87th Scale model

Preiser figure and Omega Planet Ocean

Deep 'Snow' - Preiser 1/87th Scale figures and a Muller Strawberry Corner

Fuji 35mm F1.4

I picked up a Fuji 35mm f1.4 today and will post updates and reviews over the coming weeks of using this lens. 35mm is equivalent to appx 53mm on the Fuji XE-2 APSC sensor.

Here are a couple of shots with this lens to give an indication of the depth of field that is possible with a 1.4 aperture

Home Sweet Home - Fuji 35mm f1.4 @ f1.4

Home Sweet Home - Fuji 35mm f1.4 @ f1.4

Newgate Clock - Fuji 35mm f1.4 @ f1.4

Newgate Clock - Fuji 35mm f1.4 @ f1.4

Images are straight from the Fuji XE-2 jpg's in monochrome

Photo Planning II

I made sure to take my Fuji XE-2 on my commute in to London on Monday as the weather forecast promised a mix of sunshine and clouds for dusk. I got the mix of elements but the cloud was in entirely the wrong place, blocking out the setting sun and producing shots that lack the wow factor that is needed to do well on DPChallenge.

River Thames at dusk - Fuji XE-2 and 18-55mm lens

I wasn't expecting decent weather today and was surprised by some decent light as I crossed the Thames. The best camera is the one you have with you and in this case it had to be my iPhone :-)

London Skyline at dusk

Photo Planning

DPChallenge runs weekly online photography competitions based around various themes and challenges.  These challenges help inspire me to pick up my camera and flex my creative muscles to come up with a photograph that meets the criteria.

One of this weeks challenges is 'Clouds' and I thought I'd head over to my local park to capture a suitable photograph. I envisioned pink hued sunset clouds skidding across the sky with silhouetted winter branches framing the motion. I planned on using a Lee 'Big Stopper' (10 stop Neutral Density filter to slow the shutter speed down to minutes to turn the colourful clouds into streaks.

It is not always possible to plan and execute on an idea and the end result of a shoot may fall somewhat short of the vision. It is important not to get down hearted and to take some positives out of the time spent. In the case of the shot I captured today, while the vision of brightly coloured sunset skies was not realised I did at least find a pleasing composition for future reference. The path makes for a nice lead in to the scene. I'll re-visit this location when the Gods of weather and light are playing ball...

This is not the sunset you are looking for!

Photo Deconstruction

I've added a new section to my site where I plan to feature some photographs from my portfolio with some back-story pictures and information to explain the steps from idea to image. My first deconstruction is of a photograph that I took in Scotland of a Highland Cow posing majestically on the banks of a river (or is it!)

Highland Cow at dawn

Highland Cow at dawn

Fuji XE-2 Real world review

I'm a Nikon shooter primarily. I have a Nikon D800 and until recently owned the 'holy trinity' set of Nikon Lenses to go with it (14-24 f2.8, 24-70 f2.8 and 70-200 f2.8 VR II)

I love the Nikon. You can't fault the quality of the results, photos taken with the D800 and 14-24 are nothing short of sensational, but this gear is heavy!

I take the majority of my 'serious' photos while traveling abroad and I was looking for a more compact option to take (especially after an embarrassing check-in desk incident on a recent trip to Austria!)

I've been slowly putting the XE-2 through it's paces and have posted some example shots below, ranging from snap shots of the cat to 4 minute exposures on the side of the Thames.

I highly recommend the XE-2 to enthusiast photographers looking for a mix of portability and high quality.  The camera is a joy to use and the results have a 'look' all of their own.

Adobe have recently added support for the Fuji Color profiles in Adobe Camera Raw 8.4 which means that you can process RAW files to match the Fuji Color presets such as Velvia.

Fuji seem committed to being a major player in the mirror-less market and they are releasing products at a serious rate... I myself have my eye on the upcoming 10-24mm and will post my thoughts on this in the coming weeks.