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Shooting for Stock - FAQ

I have put together a brief FAQ covering questions relating to shooting for Stock libraries.

Stock Photography FAQ

Should I sharpen Pictures before submitting to Stock?

In my experience photos taken in the RAW format should be sharpened prior to submission to

stock libraries.

JPG files straight from the camera are usually pre-sharpened and additional sharpening should be

avoided as thiscan result in 'artifacts' that may result in a rejection of the submission.


Do 'Portrait' format images sell better than Landscape?

As a general rule it is a good idea to shot a scene in both Landscape and portrait format for

stock submission.Design editors looking for photos like to have the option available. There certainly is a market

for photos formated in'portrait' as this is the general format of magazines etc.


NOTE: When submitting images to stock it is a very good idea to include the keyword phrases

'Portrait format', 'portrait composition', 'vertical' ensure that the image is picked up in searches.

Similarly it is also important to specify 'Copyspace' when it is appropriate.

Do I need a model release for shots that include people but with facial features hidden?

I would avoid submitting this type of image in an initial batch of photos as a new subscriber. The admins of the

stock sites can sometimes err on the side of rejection in these cases.

It is however worth a try if you are already an established contributor. I was rejected recently

with a shot that contained profiled and silhouettedfaces... but it does depend on the admin that reviews the shots


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