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Photomatix Pro 4 and HDR Efex Pro Comparisons

HDRSoft have released Photomatix Pro 4 and Upgrade to their excellent HDR software application. The upgrade is free to users who registered their product after March 2007. 

Some features of Version 4 are the ability to swap quickly between tone mapped and 'Fusion' renders of the scene. Fusion is unlike Tone Mapping in that it often results in more realistic looking photos that lack the traditional low contrast HDR look.

Ghosting, the enemy of many HDR fans is well handled with an Automatic and semi-automatic ghost removal option that allows the user to indicate areas of the scene that require attention by drawing a selection around them.. an interesting idea.

It is also amazingly fast. Much faster on my set up that NIK's HDR Efex Pro.

I have generated 3 examples shown below illustrating default results for Photomatix Pro 4 Tone Mapping and Fusion Mapping and HDR Efex Pro.

It is a matter of taste which version you prefer. In my opinion the HDR Efex Pro output needs the least additional work in photoshop to finish the image.