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Guide to Photographing Coniston Water - Location C

Morning Light

At the North end of Coniston Water the road that runs along the East side of the Lake loops around the top of the Lake and leads back South and on into Coniston Village. 

Just after you start heading South from the North of the Lake and before you reach Coniston Village, you will see two small buildings nestled amongst a glade of trees to your left.

There is a gate adjacent to the road here and in the early hours of the morning when the road is quiet it is possible to park next to this gate (although your vehicle will be partially in the road)

A better option is the Pay and Display car park at the North edge of the Lake.

The scene to the left can be taken from the waters edge behind the buildings and in the right light (early morning) could be stunning. You can see from my photograph that I was 'blessed' with a clear sky which is not ideal... but at least the waters of the lake were still.


Early Light on Coniston Water



This view North East over the water was taken from the same location. The Morning light coming through the trees makes for a nice effect.