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Off-Camera Flash Workshop with the LPMG

I attended a Meetup organised through the London Photography Meetup Group (LPMG) - Off Camera Flash Workshop.

We met in a dis-used tunnel below Waterloo station and met up with a number of models who were happy to be photographed. I'm very new to Off Camera Flash and Model shoots in general but the models were patient and understanding and the evening went well.

I used a Nikon D3 with SB-900 Flash connected with MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 wireless triggers from Pocket Wizard. These handy little devices allow TTL exposure with off camera flash and' almost' made up for my lack of knowledge and experience in the technicalitys of flash photography.

The picture above is a shot from the event post-processed on the iPad during my train journey back home... NIK Softwares excellent Snapseed Application was used for the effects.