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The day I nearly took a good photo

I found myself at Mayfield Lavender on Saturday night as the sun was setting and the sky was filling with pinks and purples.

The Lavender was beginning to peak and there was a great photo opportunity for a creative composition with the lines of purple lavender reflecting the sky, especially as the movement of the clouds also mirrored the lines of the flowers.

Sadly, I messed up on my filters and under exposed the shot drastically. I have posted a composite of two shots below to illustrate the scene but sadly the quality of the overall exposure is just too poor to use for anything more than as an example of bad technique.

The sky was exposed for 4 minutes to create the blur, but I had a 10 stop filter fitted and as the scene was getting quite dark by this point 4 minutes was about 5 stops under-exposed.

What I should have done:

Set the camera up with a 3 stop graduated ND filter and adjusted the ISO and aperture to created the 4 minute exposure. This would have created a balanced exposure of the sky and foreground. I should also have taken the time to turn on Noise Reduction in camera to help cut down on noise and 'hot pixels' in the final exposure.

Maybe next time...


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