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Giottos VGRN 8255 Travel Tripod

I've been using the Giottos VGRN Tripod on a couple of trips recently and found it to be a very capable tripod. It is much lighter and less substantial than my usual Gitzo but it closes down to appx. half the height and weighs 3/4 KG less. 

I chose this tripod due to it's lightweight, compact closed height (for packing into a suitcase) and it's decent height when opened up. 

It has 4-section legs which obviously get a little thin at the base and bow slightly under weight but the carbon fibre seems to work well to dampen any movement. There is a hook on the base of the centre column that allows additional weight (a camera rucksack for instance) to be attached which helps stabalise. 

I took a long exposure shot on the beach in St Lucia (appx. 80 seconds) the tripod did an exceptional job.

84 second exposure taken in St Lucia. 10 Stop Lee Big Stopper Filter was used

84 second exposure taken in St Lucia. 10 Stop Lee Big Stopper Filter was used

Overall I recommend this for an affordable option for a second tripod (or even primary) for most users of cameras up to around D800 with 70-200 f2.8 which is a substantial weight. 

I have recently purchased a Fuji XE-2 for my travel camera and have been testing this camera out with the Giottos VGRN 8255. The picture below was taken recently in London and is a 4 minute exposure. The Giottos handled this scenario perfectly with no problems at all with movement during the shot.

4 minute exposure with FujiFilm XE-2 mounted on Giottos VGRN 8255 Travel Tripod

I had a RRS BH30 that I am using instead of the supplied Giottos ball head. I prefer the arca swiss style camera plates.

Check it out on WEX

RRS BH30 can be seen here