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Photography and Presbyopia

Over the last two years I have noticed my near vision slowly deteriorating and finally I decided to visit my opticians for an eye test. It turned out that I had Presbyopia which is basically a loss of close focusing ability due to my ageing eyes.

The immediate solution was glasses that I could use for focusing on close (arms length) objects such as computer screens etc.

If I'm honest the slow loss of close focusing vision and transition from 20/20 vision to the requirement for glasses impacted my photography. I found I was less likely to pick up my camera as I am not a fan of looking through an eye piece whilst wearing glasses and if I utilised the dioptre I still needed to wear the glasses to view the camera LCD and settings.

I have found that I have barely used my camera in the last 18 months and decided to re-start my photography this year. Investigating solutions to my reading glasses problem I discovered 'Monovision contact lenses'

Basically the solution is to wear a contact lens adapted for distance in the dominant eye (left eye in my case) and another adapted for near vision in the other eye.

Contact lenses are not for everybody and there is in-convenience and cost to factor in but I am giving them a trial and will post updates in the coming weeks...