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Photo Planning

DPChallenge runs weekly online photography competitions based around various themes and challenges.  These challenges help inspire me to pick up my camera and flex my creative muscles to come up with a photograph that meets the criteria.

One of this weeks challenges is 'Clouds' and I thought I'd head over to my local park to capture a suitable photograph. I envisioned pink hued sunset clouds skidding across the sky with silhouetted winter branches framing the motion. I planned on using a Lee 'Big Stopper' (10 stop Neutral Density filter to slow the shutter speed down to minutes to turn the colourful clouds into streaks.

It is not always possible to plan and execute on an idea and the end result of a shoot may fall somewhat short of the vision. It is important not to get down hearted and to take some positives out of the time spent. In the case of the shot I captured today, while the vision of brightly coloured sunset skies was not realised I did at least find a pleasing composition for future reference. The path makes for a nice lead in to the scene. I'll re-visit this location when the Gods of weather and light are playing ball...

This is not the sunset you are looking for!