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Instax SP-2 Printer

Instax SP-2 Printer

Instax SP-2 Printer

Fuji have launched the SP-2 Instax printer which is a neat upgrade to the SP-1.

The printer has a more rounded design and sports a more modern look than the SP-1. Image quality has been increased although in real world comparison the difference is not as clear as the specifications imply.

The Photographs slide out of the printer in around 10 seconds and expose within couple of minutes. I noted a slight tendency to over-expose from the picture as displayed on the phone and in the case of a high-key image the print looked blown out.

Obviously the photographs are small (around credit card size) but the printer is so compact and portable it makes it easy to take to family events etc/ where the instant images are great fun to hand out.. I have shown a couple of examples in the image above with coins (UK 5p and 10p) for scale.