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Travel Photography Backup Strategy

When traveling with your camera it is a good idea to have a strategy for ensuring that you have back-ups for those once-in-a-lifetime memories.

I have a healthy level of paranoia about my photos and have listed some methods that I use to alleviate this below.

Multiple Memory Cards

Memory cards are a cost effective way to keep backups of your photos while traveling. I tend to stick a large number of low capacity (16-32GB) cards for my Fuji X-T2 rather than one or two 128GB

A number of cameras (including the Fuji X-T2) feature dual card slots which allow for photos to be written to two seperate cards simultaneously. This can be very helpful to protect against the risks associated with card failure.

You should never format your memory cards until you have transferred your photographs to your main workstation and created two additional back-ups. Try to think of it as the photograph does not exist unless it lives in 3 places  (at home, on-line and off-site)

WD My Passport wireless

I have the 1TB version of the WD My Passport Wireless. It is a compact hard drive with a built in sD card slot that makes baking up memory cards simple and fast. Simply power on the drive and insert the SD card. The drive automatically copies the files over and you are done.

The drive has some other useful features including full wireless connectivity that lets it function as a media server, useful for those long haul flights.

Apple iPad

Apple have a handy Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader cable available which allows you to selectively transfer photographs from SD straight to an iPad. This works for both RAW and JPG files and is a convenient was to backup the most precious of shots.

I usually select a small number of shots from each days shooting to transfer to the iPad given the relatively low storage capacity and the slow transfer rates. The advantage of the iPad is that you can build a collection of your best shots from the trip, view, edit and share without the need of a full-size laptop.