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Before and After

It's amazing how much information 'lurks' below the surface of a RAW file. There is a lot of information in those extra bits of data.... As RAW processing technology continues to evolve and improve it can be worth a trip back in time to review your early photography.

Images that you did not spend much time considering before may come to life when processed with up to date RAW processing applications and not to mention the tricks and techniques that you will have picked up over the years.

This Photo was taken from the Top of the Rock in New York in 2005 with my Canon 5D

Canon 5D - Un Edited RAW File

Canon 5D - Vertical Panorama
Edited in Adobe Lightroom. Vertical Transform to correct the perspective. Gradients to darken the sky and add some color tint. Dehaze to add clarity to the scene. Subtle edits in Macphun Luminar to add punch.