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Fuji X-T2 - Owners Guide


I've owned my Fuji X-T2 since release in September and thought I'd share my thoughts on shooting with the X-T2 and accessories to consider to compliment the Fuji System.

Fuji X-T2 - The Cobb, Lyme Regis, UK

The Fuji X-T2 is nearly the perfect camera. It is comparitively light and compact and the technology that is squeezed into it's  tough, dust and weather sealed body is more than capable enough for 99% of photographers needs.

Fuji trade off of their film heritage and the Fuji Film Simulations are a stand out feature of their cameras. I have shot almost entirely in RAW format for 10 years but the Fuji System has inspired me to experiment with JPG (RAW+F mostly) the images that the X-T2 can produce straight from camera are top quality.

X-T2 Accessories

You got the Fuji X-T2 now you need to look at some 'essentials' to build out your system.

Fuji X-T2 Spare Batteries

One of the drawbacks with Mirrorless cameras (and their need for EVF) is that batteries don't tend to last very long.

I have been caught out many times by suddenly dead batteries on my X-T1. Things seem to have improved on the X-T2 and at least the battery power reserve bar seems more accurate

Pick up some of Fujis new batteries Fuji NP-W126S or go to Amazon and pick up the far cheaper options

Fuji X-T2 Camera Bag

ONA Prince Street Leather Messenger

If there was ever a camera bag created that suits the Fuji Cameras better I have not found it.

The ONA Prince Street is the perfect size for the Fuji X-T2 and 2-3 lenses. ONA bags are expensive but they are very well made and feel that they will last a life time. The Italian Leather looks improve with age as a patina develops over time.

Fuji X-T2 Tripod


I came to the Fuji X-T2 from Nikon and owned a Nikon D3 and 70-200mm VR II as my heaviest camera/lens combination. To support the D3 and 70-200 I needed a pretty sturdy Tripod but the Fuji X-T2 is less demanding.

I had been looking for a compact Travel Tripod for some time and came across a review of the SIRUI T-025X which compared it favourably to some big hitters including Gitzo.

I wanted something very light and compact but able to support my Fuji X-T2and the SIRUI T-025X folds down to an extremely compact 30cm! This is a 4 section Carbon Fibre model and can feel light and a little flimsy compared to larger models. In use though the Tripod holds the X-T2 very steady in all but the harshest of conditions.

The T-025X comes with a decent Ball head but I usually use Really Right Stuff RRS BH-30 size head which is a good size and weight for the X-T2


There are always compromises when selecting any tripod and the Sirui T-025X compromises on height. I find that I tend to use the SIRUI with the Fuji at around chest level (I am 6' 3") where the tilting screen of the Camera helps with more comfortable framing.

I have been using this tiny tripod for almost two years now and it has come on trips to Iceland and Italy and proven that it can pull of some almost miraculous stability.

The Photos shown (click for larger version) were taken with the Fuji X-T2 and SIRUI T-025X Tripod and demonstrate the stability over long exposures and real world situations.

Fuji X-T2 Camera Plate

The RRS BH-30 Ball Head has an Arca Swiss type fitting. Really Right Stuff (Manufacturers of high quality Tripods and Tripod Accessories in the USA) have created a set of Arca Swiss Style Tripod Plates for the recently released Fuji X-T2. These are available to order from their website BXT2. 

NOTE: RRS make two seperate sets of the BXT2 plates for the X-T2 without battery grip and for the X-T2 with grip fitted. Make sure to order the correct version for your needs. 

Fuji X-T2 Flash

Fuji have recently released their own Flash Product the Fujifilm EF-X500 TTL. This is a very capable flash but comes in at £440 UK. 

I don't do much artificial light photography but do find external flash to be useful on occasion and I like to be able to easily remote Trigger.

I picked up a Cactus V6 ii Wireless Flash Transceiver and Wireless RF60 flash. 

I spent some time playing with the V6 ii and RF60 and managed to get them to 'speak' with my Fuji X-T2 and allow HSS flash which is a very handy feature.