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Fuji X-T2 56mm Example

I visited Regents Park again this morning on my way in to work and I think I may have come across the Robin from yesterdays shoot.

I was busy taking some bracketed shots for an upcoming article on Hight Dynamic Range (HDR) photography with the X-T2 and the Robin landed two feet in front of the lens. I couldn't resist re-focusing and grabbing a shot

Here it a Fuji Velvia JPG and a 100% crop to show the 56mm and Fuji JPG's in action. I have cloned out a large bright yellow leaf from the foreground that was acting as a subject for the shot before the Robin flew in to see what was going on. The Robins Eye may not be quite critically sharp but then this was a hastily grabbed shot so I will forgive myself here. Enjoy.

Fuji X-T2 56mm Lens at f1.2 - Robin Redbreast in Regents Park, London

Fuji X-T2 56mm Lens at f1.2 - 100% crop of Fuji Velvia Film Simulation