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1000 days

A 1000 days ago I joined the Blipfoto community with the aim of completing a Project 365... today I took my 1000th Photo in a row.

Fuji X-T2 - ACROS JPG 

I took my fist shot with my Mobile Phone in the bar below my office.

One year later I took achieved my 365!

Here are a small selection of my favourites  from the last 1000 days. It is not always easy to stay inspired and on some days I've come close to not getting a shot in but the Blipfoto community is great and the fellow 'Blippers' always encourage and inspire.

Children in a fountain, London

Hazy Days of Summer, Lavender Fields, London

Gullfoss, Iceland

Regents Park, London

Afternoon Tea in Claridges, London

Afternoon Tea in Claridges, London