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Fuji X-T2 - ACROS - Tennessee Storm

I had some sparklers (do you call them that in the USA?) left over from November the 5th (you don't have that!) and thought I'd try to make an interesting photo with an old (empty) bottle of Jack Daniels.

I figured that if I dropped a sparkler into the bottle the sparks would bounce around a bit in-side and the smoke might make an interesting effect.

Fuji X-T2 - ACROS

I used a Fuji 35mm F2 focused on the writing on the bottle. Fuji X-T2 mounted on a sturdy tripod and fitted with a remote trigger. I experimented with the 'T' setting for shutter speed to take a 1 second exposure but this proved too bright. I settled on letting the X-T2 find it's own exposure with the Aperture set to f2 and ISO at 200.

I set the X-T2 to manual focus to stop this shifting and Continuous Hight shooting mode so that I had a large number of pictures to choose from. The shot shown was one of the first frames captured before the smoke thickened and filled the bottle completely.

It's fun experimenting with photos like this, you never know what results you might get. I didn't exactly visualise the shot but I really like the storm like effect in this frame.

The shots were taken using ACROS (green filter) Fuji Film Simulation.

Fuji X-T2 - ACROS Film Simulation