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2016 Year in Review

I am sure that I'm joining a long list of 'Year in Review' Posts but it doesn't hurt to do a little retrospection as the year draws to a close.

Self Promotion

I have managed to dramatically increase the visits to my website since September!

I have managed to dramatically increase the visits to my website since September!

I recently decided that I would try to do more to promote my website and blog. I only had 9 visitors in July this year!

I have made an effort to write regular blog posts to keep the site content fresh, focusing on articles relating to Fuji and Specifically the Fuji X-T2 which I purchased in September. I participate in a number of on-line Forums and post my articles to various sites to help promote my blog (Flipboard, ScoopIt, Fuji Rumors)

If you are reading this then that means that my marketing is working and you are one of the 7,000+ people who visit each month. Thank You.

Fuji X-T2

I have always loved gadgets and I find it hard to resist when a new camera is released. In truth there is not much in my day to day photography that benefits from the Fuji X-T2 over the older Fuji X-T1 but it is of course nice to have the latest tech. I purchased the X-T2 and Battery Grip as a Pre-order deal but in three months since receiving the X-T2 I have not used the grip at all.

Fuji X-T2 Autofocus Test

The tilting LCD screen comes in handy. I find that I use this for a high percentage of my photographs. I have a small travel tripod and one of the compromises on the size and weight is the maximum height. As the camera only comes up to my chest level when mounted on the tripod the LCD comes in very useful.

Fuji have dramatically improved on Auto-Focus with the X-T2 and within a day of un-boxing I took a 24 frame sequence of my cat Ruby walking towards me. This is not a very scientific test of a camera Autofocus but every shot was in sharp focus and left me delighted with the X-T2

Project 365

I started a Project 365 on Blipfoto back in 2014 and recently posted my 1000th consecutive Photograph. I have found that the challenge of taking a photograph every day has helped encourage me to take my Fuji X-T2 with me more often and it is usually in my ONA Prince Street during my daily commute in to London.

London is a beautiful and photogenic city and I get to enjoy it through the seasons. 

Silhouettes of people playing in the Fountains on Londons Southbank in the Summer.

Fuji X-T2 - City of London - Fuji ACROS Film Simulation


Photography is a learning curve and there are always new skills to learn (and things you know about to forget!) 

Digital Photography brings a number of advantages over film not the least of which is the ability to see exposures instantly on the back of the camera. Seeing your photographs instantly, accelerates the learning curve but can lead to laziness. It is good practice not to become too reliant on the Tech as this can sometimes let you down.  I find it useful to shoot just JPGs occasionally to encourage me to pay more attention to exposure and white balance without the 'safety net' of the post processing tolerance of a RAW file.

I have started to participate in a number of on-line forums. I have been pleasantly surprised by the community of Photographers on dpreview and the Fuji X-Forum sites particularly.

There was a very interesting thread on the Fuji X-Forum relating to significant post processing that I applied to one of my photographs from Iceland.  Strong and articulate responses to the question on whether significant Post Processing represents the image as a lie.

I learned from a forum discussion on Post Processing X-Trans RAW files that Adobe Lightrooms default RAW processing is a little overly aggressive and removes subtle color tone from images if not managed carefully. I have since updated my defaults to reduce the default values as I find this works better with the Fuji RAW files.

Places I have seen

I have been lucky enough to visit some interesting locations in 2016. I was able to enjoy the beauty of the Cornish Coast in the UK, the iconic City of Venice and the scenic Lake Garda in Italy.  All of the photos below were taken with my Fuji X-T1

Cornwall, UK
Cornwall has some of the most beautiful coastline in the UK and if the weather behaves the light can be amazing. These Photographs were taken near the town of Padstow.

I went on vacation to Italy and visited the beautiful city of Venice before moving on to Lake Garda.