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Photographic Epiphany

I am a regular listener to Chris Marquardts' ( excellent Podcast show. Chris will mention Photographic Epiphany from time to time. It the point in your Photography journey when a penny drops or a striking realisation occurs and this can happen time and time again. I thought I would share one of mine from 10 years ago.

I was standing in a rainy harbour in Cornwall, UK trying to take a photo of the rain and the boats when a couple walked in to the shot to admire the view. I remember willing them to move on and cursing them both quietly under my breath... did they not see me here taking a photo, why were they so selfish, why were they standing there in the rain for ages with the big umbrellas?

Suddenly it clicked, if a photo tells a story... they were the story... an old couple standing in the rain enjoying the view together. I took a shot and moved on with my photography.