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Hidden Gems

I was inspired by the Winning Photograph from the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition to look back over some old photographs that I took in Brighton

I found a couple of photographs of the starlings and their evening murmuration which I had previously pretty much over-looked and hadn't processed. I think the shots are OK and I'm not sure why I didn't process them at the time.

It is always worth taking a look back over your photographic history. Technology improves all the time as do your processing skills and you never know what you might find. The worst case is that you will get a stroll down memory lane.

Starling Murmuration in Brighton, UK

The remains of the pier at Bright, UK

Landscape Photographer of the Year 2016

Big congratulations to Matthew Cattell, who is the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2016 and the tenth holder of the title.

Matthew was the overall winner with his image of Brighton, entitled 'Starling Vortex'. Awards founder and head judge, Charlie Waite said “The sense of movement is palpable in Matthew’s photograph and you really feel what it would have been like to stand beside him. The starlings seem to be swirling around the iconic remains of Brighton’s West Pier in a manner reminiscent of the tornado in the Wizard of Oz. A judicious choice of shutter speed suits both birds and water. An intriguing image.” 

Matthew Cattell, who is the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2016