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Photography Podcasts

Photography Podcasts

There are a number of excellent Photography related Podcasts out there and I've listed a collection of shows that I listen to with brief descriptions and links to the show sites.


This week in Photography (TWIP)

TWIP is a mainstay of my Photography Podcast listening. It is hosted by the personable Frederick Van Johnson and has grown over the years into a full network of top quality shows. These shows are well worth checking out and the diversity of subject matter and presenters mean that there is something here for everybody. 



Tips from the Top Floor (TFTTF)

Chris Marquardt has been running a Photography Podcast for longer than anyone in the game.

Chris is based in Germany but his TFTTF podcast is presented in English. Chris is entertaining and covers some interesting topics on his show. He includes a Q&A section and seems to generally answer submitted questions within around 1-2 weeks of user submission.

Chris has a 'chatty' style of presentation which may not be to everyone's tastes. I have found that playing back the podcast at either 1.5 or 2x speed works better for me.

Chris also runs Photography Workshops and shares experiences from these in his excellent shows.

Petapixel Photography Podcast

Mike 'Sharky' James Podcast is great for up-to-the minute Photography news. You will find a number of his news stories repeated by other pod casters.

The Petapixel site is a great source.

Sharky has an entertaining presentation style and puts in a significant amount of work for each show which shows in the delivery.

The PetaPixel Photography Podcast is a twice-weekly podcast about the wonderful world of photography. It’s a fusion of news, opinions, humor, and real-world experience, bundled into a show that you can listen to on your way to work


The Improve Photography Podcast is hosted by Jim Harmer and features a weekly round table discussion on all genres of photography. Jared Polins RAW Talk Podcast (Audio and Video) is the Marmite of the Photography Podcast world. (You either love it or hate it)

Jared 'Fro' Polin has worked hard to establish an on-line presence and has built a professional show that frequently features high profile interviews

The show is angled towards entertainment and contains frequent course humour. The News round up consists mostly of Jared and teams spin on the Petapixel news articles of the week which is often entertaining. The shows run long (1+ hours)

Jared and team work hard on the content and maintain high production values. The show has recently moved from weekly to every 2 weeks but there is a wealth of video content available on Jareds YouTube channel.

Addtional Photography Podcasts

There are some additional Podcasts that I listen to occasionally that you might  also like to check out 


Scott Bourne runs a regular Photography Podcast in the form of Photofocus. I have never been a particular fan of Scott but the podcast airs regularly and he and his team run a professional show

Improve Photography

The Improve Photography Podcast is hosted by Jim Harmer and features a weekly round table discussion on all genres of photography. 

The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

Martin hosts a regular show  often featuring inspirational content from his highly rated workshops.  Martin is an expert in color management and printing and his shows often include in-depth information on this subject. 

The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes hosts the Art of Photography Podcast which airs regularly. He has developed his content into a YouTube Channel which is worth subscribing to