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MeFoto Backpacker Air

Purple Tripod

Mike 'Sharky' James over at Petapixel has a Purple Tripod. He argues on his podcast that security personnel will ignore the photographer with a Purple Tripod because it doesn't look like the choice of a 'professional' - Nothing screams amateur like a brightly coloured tripod right?

MeFoto Backpacker Air and ONA Prince Street Messenger Bag

The rule with tripods is meant to be "buy cheap, buy twice" but like camera bags my tripods continue to multiply.

I have been looking for a compact model that will fit in my ONA Prince Street Messenger bag along with my X-T2.

The MeFoto Backpacker Air fits that requirement. It closes down to an incredibly compact Folded Length: 10.4 in (26.5 cm) and weighs in at 0.9kg.


MeFoto Backpacker Air - Height

A tripod that closes down to 10.4 inches is going to struggle to extend to eye level. This is not an issue with the Fuji X-T2 as the articulating LCD makes it comfortable to compose with the camera much lower down. The tripod seems very solid and the extension of the legs is simple and fast. 

There is an extension to the central column as shown in the image on the left but the stability will be compromised. This option really only comes in to it's own if supporting the camera at higher shutter speeds (e.g. for a group portrait) or for supporting items such as flash guns.

Bright Red MeFoto Backpacker Air Tripod

MeFoto Backpacker Air - Comparison

The MeFoto Backpacker is extremely compact. It closes down smaller than the compact SIRUI T-025X (shown Below) which is quite a feat. My Gitzo is shown for further comparison.

MeFoto Backpacker Air - Summary

I have not had a chance to take the MeFoto through it's paces but it feels solidly constructed and represents a good compromise on price, weight, compactness and maximum height.

The MeFoto has a very modern feel. This is demonstrated by the number of colours available and the built in removable selfie stick and remote release for mobile phones :)

I will be testing this tripod out in the comming weeks and will post my thoughts

MeFoto Backpacker Air and ONA Prince Street Messenger

MeFoto Backpacker Air and ONA Prince Street Messenger