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Aurora HDR 2019 - Examples

Skylum Software

Aurora HDR 2019 has been three years in development and builds on the previous iterations released by the company in 2017 and 2018. The new Aurora HDR 2019 uses an AI engine to process images into a high fidelity HDR render. The software does a great job of making HDR creation painless and the many pre-sets included help to tailor a style to each image.

This article is intended to demonstrate some real-world implementation of Aurora HDR 2019 and I encourage you to check out this brief review by the folks at FStoppers and also visit Skylums dedicated Aurora HDR 2019 page for more information

Fuji X-T3 HDR Examples

I took a Fuji X-T3 on a recent trip to Imerovigli in Santorini, Greece. I got up early in the morning and took a number of bracketed shots of the sun rising above the white rooftops to test out the capabilities of Aurora HDR 2019

I shot JPGs in Fuji Velvia Film Simulation mode bracketing -3, 0, +3 stops. I decided to shoot a panorama and took three sets of three exposures in total moving the camera to capture the wider view.

I exported each set of images from Adobe Lightroom into Aurora HDR 2019. The Aurora software can be easily installed as a Plug-In to Adobe Lightroom. Aurora HDR 2019 opened the JPG’s quickly and presented a strong initial preview. There are a number of presets available to tailor the ‘look’ of the rendered HDR and significant editing controls to tailor the image. The examples shown below represent a result base on a natural landscape pre-set.

Santorini Sunset HDR

I shot three more JPGs at sunset and again set the X-T3 to bracket -3, 0, +3 stops. The subject of the classic blue and white church against a dramatic orange sky suits HDR and again Aurora HDR 2019 did a great job of rendering a pleasing, well balanced image without fuss.

Santorini Sunset
Fuji X-T3 HDR

Additional HDR Examples

Aurora HDR 2019 did a good job of handling these challenging sunset shots. In both cases I played around with the filters to fine tune the output to create the look that I was after.

Santorini Sunset
Fuji X-T3 HDR created with Aurora HDR 2019

Santorini Sunset
Fuji X-T3 HDR created with Aurora HDR 2019