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Capture One Pro 12 - Fuji Film Simulations

Fuji Velvia Film Simulation in Capture One Pro 12

Phase One have just released version 12 of their excellent RAW Processing and Cataloguing software and have added a number of interesting new features including the option to apply Fuji Film Simulations to your Fuji RAW shots.

New Features

  • New interface

  • New Menu system

  • New Keyboard Shortcut Manager

  • Luma Range Masking

  • Linear Gradient Mask tool

  • Radial Gradient Mask tool

  • Plug-ins - Export and publish

  • User experience changes

  • Extended AppleScript support

  • Fujifilm Film Simulations

Capture One Pro 12 - Fuji Film Simulations

“Film Simulations” is supported in Capture One 12 for a number of Fujifilm Cameras.

These Film Simulations have been faithfully reproduced inside Capture One to give a digital experience equivalent to that of shooting with traditional Fujifilm negative and color reversal film. Fujifilm simulations can be found in the Base Characteristics tool -> Film Curve (if using a supported camera). Supported Fuji Camera have up to 16 Film Simulation modes available.

I had the opportunity to experiment with the new Film Simulations on a Pre-Release version of Capture One and have found the output to be very close to the Film Simulations that can be baked into JPGs in Camera.

Capture One Fuji Film Simulations vs out of camera JPG

I edited a number of example images using Capture One Pro 12 Fuji Film Simulations and have shown the conversions below.

The direct comparison of the RAW conversion vs the in camera JPG is very close

Fuji Film Simulation - Velvia
JPG from X-T3

Fuji Film Simulation - Velvia
X-T3 RAW converted in Capture One Pro with Fujifilm Velvia Curve Applied