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This is better than that.. Over Processing

The forums are full of threads comparing one processing application vs another.. (I should know, I've created my fair share!) in the end there is often no clear/right answer - It is always going to be subjective right?

Luminar 3 is one of the latest 'Lightroom Killers' to land and I noticed a worrying trend in the posts with a significant number of photographs being over processed.

When new software arrives there seems to be a 'kid in a candy store' effect that results in waves of over-processed images... we all seem to feel the need to play with the new sliders (perhaps ALL of the sliders)

These posts are usually accompanied by gushing and sycophantic commentary which adds very little value or constructive feedback to the photographer

Luminar 3 is a great example perhaps exacerbated by it's marketing hype, low cost model and 'AI' -

I'm worried that tools like Luminar will result in an effect similar to the over-use of HDR where a poor original photograph is over-processed into a monstrosity.