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Skylum Luminar 3.1.0

Skylum have had some issues with recent releases of their Luminar software. They made some promises about Digital Asset Management (DAM) that fell far short of expectations.

Luminar 3.1.0 - Improvement

The latest version of the software seems to be a significant improvement. They have addressed a number of the issues of previous releases and updated the headline feature ‘Accent AI’ to version 2.0

I am running the application with an external Hard Drive with around 100,000 photographs. Luminar takes around a minute to open with this library but performs well once up and running. I’ve not experienced any crashes as yet (or evidence of corrupted files!)

Accent AI 2.0 Examples

Un-edited RAW File
Venice, Italy

Lumina Accent AI version 2.0 (@100%)
Venice, Italy

Un-edited Nikon D3 RAW

Nikon D3 RAW edited with Luminar Accent AI 2.0 at 100% application

Un-Edited Fuji RAW File

Edited with Luminar 3.1.0 using a default Luniar ‘look’ pre-set