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The Surgeons Knot

My slightly messy attempt at a Surgeons Knot

My slightly messy attempt at a Surgeons Knot

Tying Shoe Laces

I’ve been tying my own shoelaces since before I can remember and until this week I’ve been pretty much doing it the same old way.

I tend to do a simple bow and usually double knot to help prevent the shoes from coming untied.

Truth be told this can look a little untidy and either comes undone during the day or refuses to come undone at the end of the day when I just want to get the hell out of my shoes!

A better Knot

I was trying on a pair of shoes at Joseph Cheaney and they did them up with a stylish looking knot which transpired to be a surgeons knot. This is a knot which both looks much tidier than a simple bow but which also does not come undone during the day!

Ian’s Shoelace Site features a number of knot options with plenty of helpful diagrams. Alternatively check out the youtube clip below, it might change your life!